Who we are?
We are a professional SEO team, 12 years experience in google SEO, we provide such 301 websites for SEO experts to shorten moneysite url and get high quality backlinks for free
Will 301 redirect backlinks boost SEO?
A 301 redirect sends a special message to search engine bots, which interpret the 301 status code as a “permanent redirect.” In response, bots associate the backlink authority that redirected page has collected over its lifetime with the new URL, which gives the new page the power to assume the old page’s rankings performance, more or less. you can use 301 redirects to keep your SEO and traffic.
Does 301 redirect pass link juice?
The reason 301 redirect is so powerful is its pass all the link juice of a domain name to another website. so if i spent long time building links to my domain name and this domain got high authority and high page rank you can easily using 301 redirect to pass all of that link juice to your site without much work. and without worrying about getting banned from google.
Do we provide 301 redirect backlink from expired domain?
no. we only provide 301 backlinks from domain we are working hard on domain authority building. of course if you want more high domain authority 301 backlinks from us, you can contact us to buy our monthly package